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(i) Library :

        The College possesses a rich library with sizeable collection of precious books and journals including textbooks of various subjects required for usual academic and research programmes. In addition to a good number of reference books and periodicals, a number of news papers in Assamese and English are available in the library. The students can avail free access facility in the library All Students, teachers and College staff are entitled to avail library facilities for their academic and personal development. The use of  Encyclopedia Britannica has been a

special treat for students, teachers and scholars of the greater Nagarbera area. That apart study materials are also available in Career Guidance and Counselling Centre which could be used. Required Internet facility and reprographic facility for academic use constitutes a major component of study programme in our College library The students should observe the following Rules :

   (a)Students of HS & TDC (general) course can borrow two books and the students of major course can borrow three books at a time.

   (b)Students should examine the book(s) issued to them before leaving the Library counter. If any damage or mutilation in the book(s) issued to him/her is noticed, it should be reported to the Librarian immediately otherwise the borrower will be responsible for loss or damage of any books borrowed from the College library.

   (c)Book(s) must be returned within 15 (fifteen) days of the date of issue. A fine of Rs. 0.50 per book per day will be leived if a borrowed book is kept beyond the due date of return.

   (d)All books etc. borrowed from the library shall have to be returned to the library 7 days before the commencement of the summer vacation.

   (e)If library Card is lost by any student it should be reported to the Librarian immediately

   (g)Students should not make any noise or talk to each other while in the Reading Room.

   (h)Students identity card must be produced at the time of borrowing.

   (i)The Librarian may recall a book at any time in case of urgency.

   (j)The authority reserves the right of framing any additional rule(s) as may be necessary from time to time.

(ii) Hostel :

There are two  Girls’  Hostel within the College campus and another for SC girls’  hostel is under constuction. Seats are limited and admission is done strictly on the basis of merit/distance from residence of the students. Application for hostel seat is to be submitted to the Principal of the College. The boarders are to abide by the Hostel Rules, copies of which will be given by the Hostel Superintendent. Violation of the Hostel Rules may lead to  expulsion from the hostel as well as from the College. The hostel shall remain closed during the Summer and Autumn Recess. Boarders must vacant the hostel within 10 days of completion of the examination.

    Fees (Annual) to be paid at the time of admission in Hostel :



Old Hostel

New Hostel



                   Rs.  500/-

                 Rs.  500/-



  Rs. 1000/-

 Rs. 1000/-


Seat rent

Rs. 3000/-

Rs. 4800/-


Hostel Caution money (refundable)

                   Rs.  200/-

                 Rs.  200/-


Mess Caution money (refundable)

                   Rs.  300/-

                 Rs.  300/-


Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 6800/-

Note :

   1. Hostel and mess caution money of Rs. 200/- & 300/- respectively will be adjusted at the time of leaving the hostel

    2.The monthly mess dues must be paid by the boarders within 10 days of the begining each month or within the date as notified by the Hostel Superintendent.

(iii)Canteen : There is a canteen in the College premises which provides fresh wholesome food to the students and staff at a reasonable rate.

(iv)Computer centre : There is a Computer Centre in the College to impart Computer education to students and staff. The College has started a certificate course in Computer Application. Besides the regular students, those who are minimum HSLC pass and interested to learn computer can also take admission to this self-financed course. Students are to apply to get admission in the said course through a prescribed form which is available in the office of the College. Certificate course in Computer education under IDOL, GU is also available to the students.

(v)College Magazine : The college publishes one magazine annually The students, teachers and other staff members get opportunity to publish their writings in this magazine.

(vi)Students  Aid Fund :The College has a Students Aid Fund for the poor and meritorious students of the College. Students who want to take financial help from this fund, shall have to apply to the Principal with supporting documents.

(vii)Scholarship : Students are awarded both merit and other scholarships as prescribed by the Govt. of  Assam. Besides the Govt. Scholarship, the  Teachers’  Unit  awards certificate of merit along with cash prize to the students who excel in Degree Final and HS Final Examinations. Late Bharat Ch. Pathak Memorial Committee  of the College awards cash prize and certificate to the student(s) who secure(s) highest marks in Assamese in H.S. Final Examination.

(viii) Students Union :The College has a general body of students known as B. P . Chaliha College Students Union. Its membership is compulsory for every student admitted to the College. The office bearers of the Union are elected annually according to the BPCCSU’s Constitution.

(ix)Common Room : There are separate common rooms for boys and girls. News papers, periodicals and indoor game facilities are available in the common room.

(x)College Notice Board : Students should look at the notice board every day at their own interest for the displayed notice(s) on the notice board.

(xi)Fax & Internet : The College has fax facility for facilitating rapid communication. Internet facility is available in all the department of the College.


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